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giving healthy life means that the information is reviewed first before it is published. You can find the information in the mission statement or on the page about us. Sometimes, the website may also have a section where information about health writings or authors is provided. Sometimes, even though the journal is not published by health professionals, there could be links to resources of people who are actually authorities in that area. These are some of the things that will guarantee that you really end up with the best information.


Sometimes, some of the written things seem to be out of this world. Be careful with magazines that offer cures for different diseases and call them advance or sites that give you secret ingredients. Also, be careful with a site that uses sensational writing where so many exclamation marks are used, etc. The best health magazine should use simple language.

You must look for the evidence behind the claims made. It depends on medical research instead of opinion. Look for references or information of the author. Testimonials and case histories should have contact information. Anonymous testimonies should never be trusted.


This is the other thing that you should definitely verify. Consider how current the information given is. Look at the dates in the documents. The latest treatments should always be very current.

Skewed information

You should always be very aware of any type of bias. Discover the main objective of the site and if it has the support of commercial advertising. Always be sure to protect your privacy too. Make sure the magazine has a privacy policy in place.

The health of authority is an important part of life because we have to deal with health problems on a daily basis. As such, when we can access the best health information,

For 20 years, I lived with a great mystery in my life. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS / MS) and no one could tell me why I had it or why it made me feel that way.

It was in 1996, when my life changed completely. She was a busy and energetic woman who liked to

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