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After rumors about the line of GTX 11 series and leaked specifications from GTX 1180, Nvidia does not stop being targeted! This time, Nvidia is rumored to be preparing for the latest GTX 1060 powered by high performance GPU!

Nvidia does not stop getting news and rumors, starting with rumors about the latest GTX line to rumors about the controversial GeForce Partner program.

Through the news circulating, Nvidia is currently preparing for the latest GTX 1060 powered by high-performance GPUs that exist in the top series of GTX 10 series.

Launched from Wccftech, GPU called Nvidia GP104, GPU series used by Nvidia for models such as GTX 1070, GTX 1070 Ti and GTX 1080. Specifications presented will not be different from previous GTX 1060, only with different GPU.

More specifically, the 6GB GTX 1060 variant called the latest model of the 1060 will use the GP104-300 used on the GTX 1070. To adapt the recommended specifications, Nvidia reduces the performance of the GPU to make it look more balanced.

This is certainly not the first time such rumors have been launched. Previously, Nvidia never get the same rumor in 2016 ago with a 3GB GTX 1060 variant that will get GPU GP104 that cut performance to be adjusted with GP106 GPU mounted on 1060.

Currently, GTX 1060 has been recorded has four variants that have been launched, 3GB, 5GB and two 6GB with different configurations. If this rumor is true, then 1060 will get a quality improvement like a more stable clock speed.

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Nvidia will also name this GPU as GP104-150 for 6GB variant, while the 3GB variant that had rumored the previous year will be named with GP104-140.

There is no obvious reason why Nvidia paired this GPU to the GTX 1060, but speculation says Nvidia wants to reduce GP104 GPUs to ease the transition to their latest line of GTX 11 series.

The presence of this latest GTX 1060 will certainly bring fresh air for the PC gaming activists who are looking for high-performance graphics cards at a friendly price. But of course, as long as there are miners, these cards can be used up before getting to the hands of gamers.

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