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October 2010 Blog Posts (32)

Day Forty

I'm in the middle of a great story and I don't know the ending yet. (Or maybe just a mid life crisis.) As hard as I might try, I can't figure it out with my mind. (Oh, am I limited?) Where's Clark Kent when you need him? All I can do is have the courage to continue to search for truth, justice and maybe fight some crime along the way. Although I'm superhero-like, there is only one of me. (Limited again.) Super twin powers activate!


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Day Thirty Nine

I'd unravel every riddle for any individdle, in trouble or pain.... if I only had a brain. Actually the thoughts that I'm thinkin' are exactly what is causing my trouble and pain. I found myself thinking too much today, trying to unravel a riddle. I'm totally frustrated as a result. I was doing much better when I was just surrendering and walking around like an enlightened dork.

Everything tangible is bothering me now. My dog slobbers on me and it…

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Day Thirty Eight

Do we as humans have limitations or can we do anything? Is the sky really the limit? Can we manifest in anything if we play our cards right or are some of us meant to be poor? What does fate and destiny have to do with anything? Do we have choice and control of our lives, our futures or is everything predetermined by some random statistic?

If we are closed off or closed minded, then we might not be open to connect to the present moment or…

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Day Thirty Seven

Jump and the net will appear or not? Letting go can be scary, especially when you can't see the net! It's sort of like bungee jumping knowing the chord could break or skydiving and knowing the parachute might not open. Then if it doesn't you feel kind of dumb for a split second before you splat!

Yesterday I splatted. I guess all we can ever hope for is that the fall is fun. Some self help guru with a German accent once said that people engage in extreme…

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Day Thirty Six

Things are not always black and white. There is a grey area that we often forget about. This is the most of the time and when we figure that out, it is the sweetness in life. Isn't milk chocolate sweeter than solid, black, dark chocolate? Isn't it richer and more flavorful than plain white chocolate? Not everything is good or bad, big or small, here or there - black or white. Some things are OK, just right, in between or grey and that can be equally as beautiful or…

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Day Thirty Five

SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Ah. I feel so refreshed, I have like a million things I want to write about and inspiration is hitting me big time. Duh! My Mom (and everybody else) has only told me about ten times to get more sleep but I've been on a mission until I lost my mojo from sheer exhaustion. I tried napping once. There is just so much to do in this lifetime, in this world and sleep sometimes seems like a waste of time. I never understood how anyone could ever be bored!… Continue

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Day Thirty Four

Have you ever noticed how certain people always have some sort of drama going on which causes them to cancel at the last minute? Let's see, either it's a funeral, a car crash, a trip to the ER, they're sick, still sick, or their mother is sick? Oh, then there's the generic and universal "family emergency". The best one I've ever heard was, "A chunk of ice fell off a building and hit me in the head." That happened right after being poisoned by bad dish soap used at a… Continue

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Day Thirty Three

Right now a heavenly bed at a luxury resort in Mexico sounds good with complimentary daily massages. What I got instead was cold Mexican food and bad service at a local Mexican restaurant last night. Looking back it was probably a test to see if I could be more Wayne Dyerlike in all my affairs. I almost failed the test with clenched teeth and a forced smile. I was about to lose it after 24 hours with no food, only 4 hours of sleep and my babysitting time running out…

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Day Thirty Two

When thinking of intention Wayne Dyer naturally springs to mind. I think someone should make a movie about his life, starring Bruce Willis and of coarse me, as his biggest fan and groupie.

I first saw Wayne Dyer in Chicago in a convention center, surrounded by what looked like a cloud of white light. He was walking down a hall probably before or after speaking and soon became totally surrounded by his admirers. He handled each person with…

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Meet Dr. Janet Kohl

Find more videos like this on Restoration of… Continue

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Day Thirty One

There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way. That was my intention for today; to spend my life, my way. I am not here to please anyone else or to live in a way that someone else thinks is right or best. Besides, the world has enough doctors and lawyers and not enough creative geniuses.

Yesterday I hit some kind of a wall. I was totally depleted from writing and so exhausted. I don't know how that Julie chick worked a day…

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Day Thirty

Crashed and burned today. Need maintenance. Start tomorrow with an intention of how I want the day to be. End my day with gratitude. Grateful I made it through another day. Grateful for laughter. Grateful for friends. Grateful I can amuse myself. Grateful I get myself even if you don't. Grateful for Snickers bars. Grateful for snoring dogs.

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Day Twenty Nine

Be careful what you ask for! OMG, this law of attraction stuff really works! I asked for an online TV presence and I got it, or at least my first 15 minutes. I should've asked to be Oprah's replacement host. Hot damn! Today, seemingly out of the blue I am hosting an online TV show - LIVE. Yikes. Can you say, "what the bleep?" The original host bailed, probably for a real job, and I got the gig as the last resort, plan B or better than no host… Continue

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Day Twenty Eight

I know that one can find joy and aliveness despite negative outside circumstances or even a less than desirable life situation. I know that everything fluctuates, changes and is not permanent. However, today is an itchy day and no one likes to itch. Being totally present with an itch. Yuck!

I don't know what to write about. I don't feel creative. I don't feel connected. I'm having a hard time being present, itch and all. I don't really know…

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Day Twenty Seven

It sucks not to be Buddha. Damn! Although it's about as much fun to say, "Damn!" as it is to eat chocolate. Did Buddha eat chocolate? Or just rice pudding? Maybe 49 days of meditation is what I need but I'd prefer the two weeks on the beach with pina coladas and a dude named Javier. I think I've also discovered the cause of suffering and how to overcome it. It's a new candy bar called Nirvana. It contains the four noble ingredients of sugar, cocoa, milk and nuts. I… Continue

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Day Twenty Six

An attitude of gratitude. Thirteen years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child, I started keeping a gratitude journal. It was during a time that I could have easily been sitting around feeling sorry for myself, being alone and pregnant. Each day I wrote down five things
I was grateful for. It could be as simple as one word or it could be as much as I wanted to write about. It helped keep my outlook positive and reminded me of all the good in my life and the…

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Day Twenty Five

Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.
To get shit on; to have a great misfortune or to fail epically. Let's face it some days we're winners, others we lose. Big time. Unless we're Buddha, Jesus, Eckhart Tolle or Byron Katie, we're bound to have negative thoughts or screw up for gad zooks! I'll tell you a little secret about myself. I'm not…

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Day Twenty Four

I don't feel my missing limb anymore! Does that mean I've created a new habit? At least I'm on my way. I am waking up happy and lovin' life. (Either that or I'm delirious from lack of sleep.) I am laughing more, mostly at or with myself but that's better than not at all! I feel aligned and connected to my higher purpose. A new character is being born and that character can take me places! Although I can't really get a missing limb back and I've replaced it with my new…

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Day Twenty Three

Will the real Janet Kohl please stand up! Who are we and who do we want to be? The journey into our authenticity can be a long and winding road. Remember in the Wizard of Oz when the munchkins told Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road, how it started as a labyrinth spiral and she walked around in a circle just to get out of that damn place? I used to wonder why she didn't just cut across those lines. It would have been faster - instant gratification. Come on this…

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Day Twenty Two

WOW! Some crazy good energy happenin' out there! Are you feelin' it? I put going to Egypt on my "Someday List" but now I'm re-thinking it. Maybe the yellow brick road leads to the pyramids. What exactly is in those pyramids anyway and what did the ancients know that we don't? Or do we know something they didn't? I need to get rid of denial as the longest river in my life and start exploring the pyramids. What's locked inside those tombs? What are we hiding or holding on to… Continue

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