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November 2010 Blog Posts (30)

Day Sixty Nine

I'm a bitch. That is a Babe In Total Control of Herself! Just remember this the next time someone calls you a bitch. Reply back, "Yes, you are absolutely right. I am Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charming and a Hell of a woman! Thank…

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Day Sixty Eight

Clark Kent or Superman? I was dealing with my own confusion yesterday about what I believe to be true about something. I don't have time to research and come up with a perfect finding. People spend years on that stuff. Why was this bothering me so much and who cares really? I got a life to live here and inner turmoil is not on my calendar. Can't both things be true and I just leave it at that? Is it safe to swing both ways? After all Superman and Clark Kent were the…

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Day Sixty Seven

Will changing my thinking and feeling or my actions help me more? I know this sounds like a case of which came first, the chicken or the egg. We know that thoughts create feelings, which in turn create actions. We can allow our feelings or intuition to be a guide. We can act out based on our feelings. However, we can also choose to act or not act regardless of our feelings. In other words, sometime we might need to do what's "best" or "right" for us, even if we don't…

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Day Sixty Six

I am a seeker of truth. I am real. Most people who know me will tell you that I tell it like it is and that I have balls. I'm honest; so don't ask me if you look fat. I might even be an opinionated know it all but the thing is, I'm not always right. I might find out later that I'm wrong or I may change my mind, not just because it dawned on me that I was wrong but because I might gain new insight, new research or experience that makes me see things differently. I am…

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Day Sixty Five

Love, happiness, authenticity and even courage are all states of being or doing that can be learned. In other words, we have a choice in who we want to be. Just as we choose a career for ourselves or what we want to be, we also choose who we want to be. In any art there is a theory and a practice. We need to learn and understand the theory and then do a lot of practicing in order to get any good. Artists who understand theory can still sometimes work their practice for a… Continue

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Day Sixty Four

It is always nice to get support when you are facing a challenge, even if it is one that you chose to take on. Sometimes life continues on as usual and you are the only one on overdrive, trying to make it through your usual dose of life, plus accomplish your new goal or overcome an added challenge. Friends and family may show up when there is an emergency, a death, a birth or an illness to deal with but what about when you just need support to achieve a dream? Are you all… Continue

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Day Sixty Three

What is your passion? What is something that you find truly beautiful or sacred? What would you feel incomplete without? What brings you complete joy? Your burning desire to achieve a goal could become your passion. Passion is the inner drive that can turn your…

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Day Sixty Two

Wow, I'm really rockin' and rollin'! I am doing more than using mentors and OPBST (other people's blood, sweat and tears). I've assembled a Dream Team for my TV show, although I am still hunting down the perfect web designer and developer. This piece is huge for me because I am extremely picky about this. I want the site to look like a million bucks (without spending it) and it needs to be highly functional and easy for everyone to use, including techno idiots and…

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Day Sixty One

The world would be a better place if everyone stored treasure in their hearts and built up a richness of happy memories and experiences. Wouldn't a feeling of love and happiness be true wealth?

I have been looking for a mentor for my online endeavors and came across the above quote from someone who teaches how to make money online but also talks about legacy and asks what you would want written on your tombstone. He says, "Here lies a good person who…

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Day Sixty

Temporary defeat is not permanent failure. If plan A doesn't work, go to plan B. If plan B doesn't work, go to C and so on until you find a plan that works. Most people, however, don't do this and just give up. Instead build new plans and start over. Be persistent. Know what you want, create a plan, put it into action and be persistent.

I'm starting to fall behind on my writing and I'm exhausted. Yesterday I fell asleep with research in my…

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Day Fifty Nine

Want to be happier, calmer and younger looking, instead of stressed, depressed and anxious? Then just meditate. Ideally for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes late in the day. There is probably not anything I would suggest over meditation to definitely include in your healing practice. No matter how busy we get living our dream or achieving our goals, I believe we need to make time for meditation. Without it, especially during busy or stressful times, we can get…

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Money, plain and simple


Money challenges. Really? Again? I thought I figured all of that out by watching The Secret?…


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Day Fifty Eight

BST is my new BFF. That's Blood, Sweat and Tears, baby! Blood, sweat and tears made me so happy. I'm so glad they came into my life!! Thank you, baby! Yes, I believe in working smart(and not only because I am a genius, I'll get to that) but sometimes you will…


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Day Fifty Seven

Before I started the challenge, I thought I was restored and in balance and was afraid my life would get out of control again. "Nothing like a good challenge to throw you out of whack", I thought. I believed the self exploration and discovery phase was over and I just needed to finally get busy on my dream and take action. I was wrong.

I am taking massive action now but I am also learning more about myself than I did during my Zenlike reflection…

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Day Fifty Six

Whoa, I'm losing track of the days and I'm actually one blog behind or behind one day. Kind of delirious. However, I won't blog like the Facebook dude, drunk or insult anyone because A) I'm out of wine and B) I actually don't have anyone to insult. Divine Karma......FINALLY! Shit is clicking! No one is pissing me of! What up wid dat? Or maybe I just feel really energized because my office is getting really organized which makes me feel lighter.…

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Day Fifty Five

Knock, knock? Who's there? Weight loss? Weight loss, who? Weight loss in the form of extreme self care and time management. I say, "hello self care and good bye weight!"

I had a nervous breakdown this morning when I stepped on the scale and discovered I gained the three pounds back that I lost. What the *$#@*$#! My trainer told me not to weigh myself so often and that women have "cycles." You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know…

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Day Fifty Four

In my vision my treasure awaits near the pyramids in Egypt and lots of gold is involved. I probably chose Egypt because it's exotic and warm there. However, I really didn't anticipate the desert or all I would be in for like drought, famine, lots of sand, cacti and snakes! There really aren't that many roses to smell in the desert. Duh. Why didn't I just pick the obvious yellow brick road to the Emerald City? Emeralds are nice. It might be warm there in winter months.…

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Day Fifty Three

Sometimes in the middle of a long journey mid coarse corrections are needed. I took out my map to make sure I was still traveling the most direct route. But first I took a little time off to stop and smell the roses. As I spent time to restore my energy and regain my strength for the trip ahead, I decided to build a personal treasure map starting with the end in mind, my hearts desire, to keep me on track. I can then fill in all the places I need to go along the way…

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Day Fifty Two

Start with the end in mind. What do you want your legacy to be? If you only had 6 months to live, what would you do with your life? What really matters? What is your passion? What would you be motivated to do? Is there something you have been putting off? Is there anything you'd want to leave behind? Let's assume you don't have any health issues to deal with and you don't have to keep your job. What would you do with your time?

Most people…

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Day Fifty One

I'm officially in the second half of the challenge, possibly the second half of my life but since I plan to live to be 100, technically I have a few more years to go before I can have a real mid-life crisis! (It's besides the point that I've already been having one for several years now.) In reality, sometimes the mid-point of things is the toughest time. The start is exciting and new. We believe we can conquer the world. There is enthusiasm and energy! By the…

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Day Fifty Six - Push Your Easy Button 74 Replies

You decide, do you want to push an easy button or a difficult button? Live life on your own terms. You can choose to make it easyor dificult, enjoyable or miserable, fast or slow.

Started by Janet Kohl. Last reply by Vishakha Singh Jul 2.

Day Fifty Five - Learn the Many Benefits of Time Management 79 Replies

Time management and prioritising can make room for the important things in your life, like your passion but also self care and ultimately your health.

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Day Fifty Four - Have Sweet Dreams 53 Replies

Use your dreams to answer those burning questions or to dicover answers you didn't even know you were looking for.

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Day Fifty Three - Stop and Smell the Roses 59 Replies

Take time to recharge and restore your energy for the long trip ahead. Reflect on how far you've come and look ahead to where you are going.

Started by Janet Kohl. Last reply by jamessmiths on Thursday.

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