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Prozac or a shaman? This DAF stuff is a crock! (That's directed attention fatigue for those of you who missed it yesterday.) I'm out in nature and I'm still stressed out! Deep breath out, white light in.

I'm sure the two parking tickets and the house call last night from my bank letting me know I was late on one payment didn't help. Should I feel like a preferred customer or freak out? One payment a little late. Damn. A house call. Damn. Did they think I was going to cut a check right at the door? I know I never answer my phone but WTF! I once heard a story about a woman who stopped to help change a flat tire on the limo Donald Trump was taking to the airport. He was so grateful, that he paid off her mortgage. She was surprised and said to her husband, "Wow, I'm so glad we didn't get that cheap starter home." Although right about now, I'm wishing I stuck with the starter home, maybe I should start following Trump around in case he gets a flat tire.

My house hasn't sold and it's not possible for me to make six figures in real estate anymore and besides, I don't want to be in real estate anymore. I wouldn't mind making six figures still. I have 100 days to start a new career and make enough money to pay the mortgage or else I'll be renting an apartment and working at Starbucks (or living in my car). So, I've got to turn things around and fast! Although, I have to admit, all the free Lattes are tempting.

Overall, given the situation, I think I'm doing quite well. For some strange reason, I know I'm exactly where I need to be. (Probably all those personal growth seminars.) I know I'm doing the right thing. Whether it will turn out as planned, I won't know till I'm there. Whatever happens along the way
is part of the story. Didn't Dorothy's house fall on that witch who was wearing the Ruby slippers? She would never have gotten her special powers if that tornado had not happened. Maybe my house has to fall into foreclosure in order for me to put on the flippin' Ruby slippers and go for it! Didn't Buckminster Fuller say that things happen in the nick of time? Well, I'm counting on that.

However, if I'm attracting in parking tickets, I know that something is off. When you can't pay the mortgage, it's hard to be in a state of abundance and then inevitably more lack shows up. Noticing abundance, asking for more and believing things are abundant would help. The only problem is that I'm having a hard time tricking my mind when I know I can't foot the bill. That pathway in my brain needs to be reprogrammed. That's where the shaman (or the prozac) comes in. I saw it in a documentary once. This woman had a dream that she was going to die a 48, then when she was 48 she got critically ill. The doctors said she was going to die and she believed she was going to die but she didn't want to. She instead went to a shaman to reprogram the pathway in her brain and change her thinking. After the shamanic experience, she knew and believed she would live. Her illness mysteriously went away and she lived happily ever after!

You don't need a shaman to reprogram your brain. You can be your own shaman! You can reprogram your own brain.

Tune in tomorrow to find out how.

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