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Wow! Day 89 already. Today is cause for celebration as I recorded my first TV show today! It is important to celebrate the small stuff as well as our major accomplishments. I don't take anything for granted. Celebrating at the end of the challenge will be great but our achievements and even baby steps along the way are important, too. 

Things went well on most fronts but I was going to do a Skype interview and the Skype system was down in the entire Midwest region. Technology. Not totally reliable. However, I'm still amazed that we can fly across the ocean on airplanes, so the fact that we can communicate via video conferencing is amazing to me. I love it!! It's a lot of fun. Technology rocks. I love that I can talk to people all over the world via email, Skype, Facebook or other means and create a real community of support and keep in touch with old friends and make new ones. It's wonderful. So, occasionally we have techno glitches. Then we just go to plan B. The lesson is, be flexible, have fun.


Life is so exciting when we are doing something we love that engages us. I like working hard. I love working with great people. I am filled with so much gratitude. I'm exhausted but satisfied. When I ran the Chicago Marathon, I was exhausted toward the end of the race. I knew the end was near but I savored every moment. After all, that's what I had trained for months to accomplish. It's sort of like Thanksgiving dinner - days of preparation, planning and shopping, then hours of cooking. After all that, the meal is devoured in minutes, less than an hour - all that work gone so quickly. Was it worth it? You betcha! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and not just because I love food. It's special and I know a lot goes into the planning and preparation. I appreciate all that hard work. (Thanks Mom!) Ditto for the marathon. I remember a few key training runs but the best memory lies in the race itself. Fans cheering, music playing, other runners camaraderie, the support from my husband running with me at the end to make sure I finished and my family holding banners and being there at the finish to congratulate me and then, finally, victory. 


My kids have no idea what I'm doing right now or how important this is to me. But some day they will know, if they read this, that it is important to go after what is important to you. Weather it is the love of your life or your passion in life. We might be born again or get reincarnated but we will never live this lifetime again. It will never be 2010 again. So, live it to the fullest. This life is short.


Have fun and love often! Appreciate others and have much gratitude. My advice to myself is "loosen up!" celebrate the small stuff!



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