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What's the desire behind desire? Why do we want what we want? What do we think our missions, once accomplished will give us? What are we really looking for? How do we think it will make us feel? What experience are we looking for? And where is the desire ultimately coming from?


I have been examinining these questions throughout the past 100 days but now as the finish approaches they are even more poignant. I have tuned in to myself and the deeper desires of my soul. I have found that my spirit knows things that my heart and mind cannot explain. The deeper desires might be security, freedom, fun, happiness, love, peace, acceptance, friendship and support. I get closer to these things when I am authentic and honest and willing to be vulnerable and open. When I focus on the deeper desires with loving kindness and gratitude and even expect a miracle, only then do I get closer to the more shallow desires that lie on the surface.


When I give love, I am given more love. When I focus on my friends, I receive more friendship. When I concentrate on freedom and security, then I create more feelings of security and more freeing experiences and only then can I manifest in the money.


When I concentrate on the true deep desires of my soul, I will create those feelings and experiences more frequently and only then can I manifest in the outer result easily. After our intentions and interest are fixed, we can surrender and expect a miracle.


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