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I'm officially in the second half of the challenge, possibly the second half of my life but since I plan to live to be 100, technically I have a few more years to go before I can have a real mid-life crisis! (It's besides the point that I've already been having one for several years now.) In reality, sometimes the mid-point of things is the toughest time. The start is exciting and new. We believe we can conquer the world. There is enthusiasm and energy! By the mid-point we realize this is harder than we thought. Things are turning out differently than we expected and the ground beneath our feet may start feeling like quick sand. Our energy is waning. It's an uphill climb and we can't see the top or we're in the maze of the treasure map and we can't see the "X" that marks the spot.

How do we stay motivated when we don't even know what the top looks like or where our treasure is buried? Or quite possibly even what our treasure is? The mid-point is not always a turning point. The turning point in a story is called the climax and it's the most exciting part. It's the discovery of the treasure or the peak of the mountain or the way the conflict is resolved. Are you ready to see the story through and embrace the fate or mystery of the outcome? Are you ready to climax?

The middle feels like having half an orgasm. So close, yet so far away. Just when you finally get going - Psych. Ha ha! Try again. I heard somewhere that once you know what you want, life will throw you all kinds of curve balls (or blue balls) just to see how serious you are about your desire. Well, I am serious about wanting to have a full orgasm. I want a full orgasmic experience and not with food, rather with my life and my whole being. Where's the power of wow, when you need it?

I think instead of dried cranberries and a note to self that tells me to drink some tea, I should put a note in my pantry that says, "Go have an orgasm. The best is yet to cum. Your treasure awaits you and 'G' marks the spot."

This is officially my latest coaching tip - your "G" spot can be a symbol of our goal. Reaching it can be a full climax and just think how much fun you are having on your way there. That's why it's called foreplay!

How do we stay motivated? One answer is creative foreplay. To create and manifest my dream or goal, I need to play and have some fun, like those robins. I need to let loose of the reins, let go of the outcome and let God take over. After all "G" marks the spot!

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Comment by Janet Kohl on November 16, 2010 at 9:53pm
I know this was a wierd one! It must have been late at night during the wrong time of the month or during a full moon??? The cranberries actually aren't bad. It's the wine I can't seem to let go of!
Comment by Antony van Zyl on November 16, 2010 at 7:00pm
Firstly - wow. Secondly - dried cranberries? My curiosity is (dare I say it) aroused.

Although I have never before looked at a growth pattern from the excitement of starting to the fulfillment of finishing quite in the way that you describe (although the imagery will never leave my thoughts again when i start a new project), I truly understand the sentiment behind it.

I have always looked at the middle as an accomplishment and a caution. You know what it will take to get to the end and if you keep going it is testament to your firm believe in the ....... payoff at the end.

Congratulations on keeping going. The journey, especially once you are over the giddy euphoria of starting can me as much fun as the end. Sometimes it just depends on who you get to share it all with.

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