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Einstein once said, "The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving." When you either win the lottery or manifest in boatloads of money and are living the life of your dreams, how are you going to give back?

No sooner do I spill the beans about my secret material fantasies and my crazy dreams than I watch a program about Africa and feel super guilty. For the cost of a latte I can pay a woman's rent in Africa for a month! Damn, as if I didn't have enough Starbucks guilt. I already have to skip the last few pages of magazines to avoid the photos of poor children with cleft palettes. I know that I have high class problems, especially when I look at the world around me. Some people have never even owned a home. I'm just glad I've had the opportunity to experience it. Even if I lose mine, I'll be all right. I've had money and I can make money. Despite the economy, opportunities are available. Plus, I hear you get free lattes if you work at Starbucks. Maybe I should move to Africa where I can afford the rent or become a nun and live in poverty and just help people, so I don't have guilt for liking Starbucks or wanting or having. Besides, I could never live like Oprah and have ten houses, even if I gave away gobs of money and built a school in Africa. I would still wonder how many people I could feed with the nine houses I wasn't living in at the moment. That quite possibly could be my biggest problem, I help when I am not in a position to and sometimes to my own detriment. It's the epitomy of putting someone else's oxygen mask on first.

Before the market crashed, I thought I was a real estate tycoon and bought a house to put up a homeless man in for a year in order to help him restore his life. It worked; he met all of his goals and is happily living in his own apartment now and receiving government aid that he couldn't get before due to the Patriot Act and not having an address. The irony is that I might be homeless soon. Thank God I have a minivan, sleeping bags, a camping stove and 53 days left to attain financial freedom! Where's Donald Trump with a flat tire when I need him? The house was originally going to be my big act of giving and was intended to help a single mom in need. The organization I was working with to create low income housing dragged their feet and now the market has plummeted and the property is not appraising for the agreed purchase price. This might ruin any chance to get funding from the city and kill the deal. If that happens, then I'll have to short sale the property and my dream of giving crashes and burns, oxygen masks and all! Boo hoo.

Can I learn to receive guilt free if I know I am giving back continuously? I don't live in a third world country and I doubt anyone would take me in as a nun. A little late for that one! In this country rent is not five bucks. A latte is five bucks or at least $3.89. I can't compare myself to the folks in Africa and I can't compare myself to Oprah either. (Darn it!)

When I manifest in boatloads of money, I know I will give back in big ways because I already have a history of that and I have a desire to do so. However, statistically, most people who give don't have a lot to give. Blue collar workers give a higher percentage of their income away than do white collar, "educated" or the middle class people.

Now that my situation is temporarily different, (notice how I said temorarily because I am manifesting in millions!) how can I still give, even if in small ways? No excuses. Giving is more than just giving money. I can give my time, my love, a meal (Sorry if I burn it.), a hug, a listening ear, a card or a good laugh (Please call me for that one!) I'm also good for a bottle of Champagne on your Birthday. I like to celebrate.

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