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Today I decided to do only things that felt good. I sat by the fire, listened to classical music, read a book and just relaxed. I rested and mediated. Then I took the dog for a walk out in the snow.  It was quiet, just starting to get dark outside and beautiful with everything covered in white. It felt reverent.


The past week was extremely busy and tiring, getting everything ready to shoot my first show, doing all the Christmas preparations and taking care of three kids who were home from school for the week. On top of that; meetings, emails, other work and still writing, all while fighting getting sick again. I don't know how I've done it this far and I don't know how I thought I could have done more or done it better.  I've really worked hard! I plan on taking a few days off starting January first, after a big celebration! But then it'll be back to work to finish what I've started. There will be more writing and editing, figuring out how to publish the book, scheduling more guests, shooting more shows, building the website and on and on! Then there's monetizing everything. I also have a million things I've put off for 100 days, like deep cleaning, paying bills, buying bras, repairs around the house, organizing the basement and assembling scrapbooks for the kids.


I think I am going to write a list of all the things that feel good to me. I have also put on hold a lot of self care. I want to schedule in more things that restore my spirit on a daily and weekly basis. The writing took away my weekly movie night with the girls and my writing group. I haven't had time for my regular yoga class, nor the budget for a manicure or a massage. Some things I can live without, others when eliminated wreak havoc on my soul. I know I need them and can't live without them for long. I know better now! I am looking forward to slowing down and getting enough sleep. Also, a good artist date (a date with myself) is needed as well as some hooky days. I want to spend some time alone at home doing nothing, just moodling, as I call it. I will restore myself and then I'll be energized to be back in the game!


While listening to classical music today, a ten year old trumpet player was interviewed. She was phenomenal and she said her philosophy is, "It doesn't matter how old you are. What matters is how hard you work." The coach I interviewed on the show said, "Practice makes better." I don't think fame or financial success is the most important things in life. Perhaps working hard and a lot at something will improve your skills your chances at success. For me, it's more important to do something you love and are passionate about because you will then feel good and enjoy your life more, weather it's a job or just a hobby you spend time on. Ultimate enjoyment for me means a balance, a balance of self care, work I'm passionate about, time with my family and friends and living in a beautiful, clean and organized environment. 


I look forward to continuing on living a happy, healthy and holistic life, one that is enjoyable and feels good. When we feel good and do so consciously, we raise the overall vibration on the planet. This is a direct way that we can change the world as just one person. Take care of yourself and feel good!



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