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Progress, not perfection. I am trying to have patience with myself because I am a few days behind in my writing. I have been extremely busy with all the other non-writing pieces that I am working on.
I'm too tired to come up with anything interesting or witty to say. It's 3:00AM and the only reason I'm writing is because I'm behind and don't want to be even further behind. I want to keep my commitment but I also want to be kind to myself. Frankly, I'd like to lock myself in somewhere and just be alone and catch up on writing, even if it's a self created artist residency in a tent in below zero weather in the middle of no where.

Maybe I'll ask for more help. I'm starting to get good at that. Imagine what Superman could have accomplished if he'd asked for help or delegated tasks? Maybe that's why Batman has Robin. Oh yah, he was independently wealthy and could afford an assistant.

I had a great day and got a lot accomplished. I made wonderful connections and progress in areas other than writing. I felt really energized and excited about everything I'm doing. It feels like everything is really coming together amazingly. Then I had some unrelated negative feeling come up that I need to deal with and I realized happy people feel those feelings and do the work around them. So, I need to find time for that, too.

Anyway, I am just doing the best I can with the tools I have. I am accepting and forgiving myself for not being perfect. Imagine if we all just accepted each other as a bunch of bumbling idiots and could feel safe being vulnerable all the time and really believed in each other. What kind of a wonderful world would that be?

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