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Have you ever noticed how certain people always have some sort of drama going on which causes them to cancel at the last minute? Let's see, either it's a funeral, a car crash, a trip to the ER, they're sick, still sick, or their mother is sick? Oh, then there's the generic and universal "family emergency". The best one I've ever heard was, "A chunk of ice fell off a building and hit me in the head." That happened right after being poisoned by bad dish soap used at a teahouse! Yah, right.... It's called tokin' a 7 foot bong minutes after sippin' on some mushroom tea and that head injury happened while I was knocking some sense into you!

Needless to say, my bookkeeper bailed again today. I mean, my former bookkeeper. Can you say adios? Usually she fakes sick but today she was in the ER with her mother. Of coarse these things always happen last minute on Mondays. Why can't more people be like Pat, my pet sitter? One winter during a blizzard when roads were closed and she had pneumonia, she walked to all of her clients houses, just so dogs could pee out doors. Bless her heart.

What advice would I give to a friend with the same challenge? Raise the bar. Get rid of her immediately. Hire someone new and do a thorough interview, reference check and make sure she is reliable, responsible, hard working, honest and passionate about accounting. Done.

With my day open and absolutely no incentive to do accounting, I decide to push my restart button and start my day over by taking myself out for a nice meal (since I didn't get one on Saturday) and do my writing at the restaurant, alone. I planned on walking to get exercise since I gained the pound back that I lost. I get to the restaurant and it's closed. I'm getting tired of saying, "what the bleep!" Fine, I walk half a mile to Plan B - Bee Beem Bop. Am I creating this nonsense or is God testing me? I'd like to figure it out because I'm getting sick of it. Maybe I really should get a Shaman to clear this negative block or whatever in the hell is causing everything to be difficult or at least amusing. Talk about two steps forward and one step back? Is this the Cha Cha?

What am I supposed to be learning here and I'm not so sure I am teaching anything at this point, other than, life sucks and then you die. Personally, I'd like to hear more about Eckhart Tolle's suicide attempt and Byron Katie's lock up in the insane asylum and even Debbie Ford's third visit to rehab. I want details! Make it real. How did they snap out of it? Was it just a spontaneous blip into spiritual enlightenment or did they work their asses off? What about all those monks who work so hard and still don't reach enlightenment? It has to spontaneously occur, remember? Do they ever get pissed off or lose it when nothing seems to go right? Do I have to be suicidal, crazy or an addict and snap out of it to write a best seller?

I'd like to see Eckhart get pissed off because he gets a parking ticket, instead of a winning lottery ticket. I'd like to see Debbie Ford slip and drink a martini. (Can't you picture it?) Further more, I'd like to see how calm Byron Katie would remain after babysitting my 4 year old for 48 hours straight with no sleep or food. I can only imagine what thoughts she'd be thinking!

Great... now I'll probably have bad Karma for saying all that. Can't I just say 5 hail Buddha's and be saved?

My trainer told me I'm weighing myself too often and to forget about the weight and just focus on lifestyle change. OK, I'll remind her of that when this is over and her promo video shows a client who didn't lose any weight but now walks to restaurants!

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