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Jump and the net will appear or not? Letting go can be scary, especially when you can't see the net! It's sort of like bungee jumping knowing the chord could break or skydiving and knowing the parachute might not open. Then if it doesn't you feel kind of dumb for a split second before you splat!

Yesterday I splatted. I guess all we can ever hope for is that the fall is fun. Some self help guru with a German accent once said that people engage in extreme sports to feel the aliveness of the present moment. Speaking from experience, it can actually be the opposite, as well. Bungee jumping was an out of body experience - an adrenaline rush and beyond. It might entail feeling fear and doing it anyway but real aliveness or presence is transcending fear and connecting more deeply within your body. The feeling is totally different. Have any of these gurus ever done extreme sports? What if our whole life was an extreme sport?

I have first hand knowledge of extreme sports having grown up with a bunch of crazy daredevils and I've been known to leap tall buildings myself. Your mind has to be still and you have to be willing to fall or fail and if you're in touch with that something within, you will have fun in the process and that makes it worth doing.

When I splatted, I was doing something risky and new. I had to be very present to do it. I tested out a new character with a German accent and attempted a comedy sketch that crashed and burned. No one has ever performed this stunt before and no one thought it could be done. However, I had to experiment with the process. It was scary like jumping out of an airplane but it went deeper. In some strange way I overcame some sort of unknown obstacle and proved to myself that something impossible could be done. I could overcome fear and have the courage to be my weird self in front of other people. If you get booed off a stage once, it may not be as scary the next time because you already know what it feels like. So, maybe it's easier to take the risk the next time because it just can't get any worse. You've got nothing to lose. So now it can only get better. Things can only go up from the bottom and if I keep trying maybe I'll get it right.

Having faith in ourselves is knowing anything is possible. Have you ever tried leaping over a tall building? Then how do you know it's not possible? At one point in time, it was thought to be impossible to do a no handed back flip on a motorcycle. Therefore, no one ever bothered to try the stunt. Until my brother came along and thought, "why not?" He also thought he could fly like Superman. Why not? With faith, guts and belief in ourselves, we can birth the amazing people we are inside. Be your own super hero! Be your own guru.

The Superman Story - More BMX Videos

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Comment by Ace Aces on October 29, 2010 at 1:49pm

oops!!..this is supposed to be the first link in the previous post.
Comment by Ace Aces on October 29, 2010 at 1:44pm
It's not surprising that the facial features of the daredevil in this video look "Kohl familial."
That said, "boldness" must run in the genes, from my humble perspective. That's the inference having witnessed the video "spectacle" ( to be shown in the future ) to which you refer. I think your story is amazing, in and of itself. But, when you add in what you're currently doing in the challenge, your family committments and your desire to challenge yourself with the goes off the charts. On the latter point, join in the ACES conversations related to your boldness:


or Join acesgroup on to participate in this one:


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