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When thinking of intention Wayne Dyer naturally springs to mind. I think someone should make a movie about his life, starring Bruce Willis and of coarse me, as his biggest fan and groupie.

I first saw Wayne Dyer in Chicago in a convention center, surrounded by what looked like a cloud of white light. He was walking down a hall probably before or after speaking and soon became totally surrounded by his admirers. He handled each person with complete grace, dishing out compliments and blessings to every one of them. I couldn't believe my eyes or ears. It was truly amazing. I've personally met him since, as well as other authors and speakers in personal growth. It became apparent to me that a lot of them do not walk the walk, many are workaholics in order to attain or keep celebrity status and some are marketing genius's out to make a buck at the expense of countless seekers.

I had never read any of his books or seen him speak at the time but something about his aura captivated me. I became interested. He seemed like the real deal. I thought, "I'll have what he's having!" So much so that I even went to Florida to find a motel that he had written a book at in two weeks time. I thought I could pick up on some of his left over vibe and write something brilliant. Turned out the motel was sold and became a private residence. The owner told me, "Honey, find your own voice. Do your own thing." I have never felt more humiliated or had a bigger aha moment in my life! First of all, I was already going to Florida and second, I had my own topic. However, I got her point. I could blaze my own trail. Besides, if I'm going to be trapped in a hotel for two weeks to write it ain't going to be some dump in Florida. I'll be going to the Ritz in Paris! They have the best slippers!

I may never be surrounded by white light and compliment every person I meet or always be incredibly nice to those poor harassed ticket agents at the airport, like Wayne Dyer but I can be the real me, true and honest. I'm not perfect but I can walk my walk and I can have the intention to be Wayne Dyer like in all my affairs.

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