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What the beep did I get myself into? I am totally overwhelmed with how much I need to accomplish. Now it's real. And I've told everyone. There is no turning back, just petal to the metal baby!

I'm tired again and grouchy. I ran errands last night to get the must have flip video camera, so now I can video blog on the go, when I'm incoherent and can't write. Then I was up working late-only 5 hours of sleep. I swore I wouldn't do that again! Damn. To top it off, this morning, my entire cup of coffee spilled in the car, right on my killer toile umbrella. When I was cleaning it off, I cut my finger on one of those metal parts. OMG, not enough hours in the day! I was so busy getting ready for the challenge and taking care of a sick kid, after being out of town, that I got behind in all my other responsibilities and to do items.

Writing is taking up a lot of my time. It is a lot harder to write the way of the day for "100 ways, 100 days" than I thought. I need to assemble old writings with new, edit and post. Just these blog entries are a challenge. Then there is email, scheduling interviews, the learning curve of building the website and video as I go, research, more work, not to mention losing weight and earning a living. Ah-don't forget family, kids, cooking, cleaning, shopping, eating and perhaps a shower.

I'm already getting anxious that these 100 days will become crazy and unmanageable. No weekends off. Just go, go, go. When I am balanced and organized, I feel like I'm not accomplishing anything and then when I'm trying to accomplish something with a deadline, I start to feel overwhelmed and out of balance. I know the answer is extreme time management, to stay committed and work the law of attraction. It's only 100 days and I'm only on day 2. I will figure it out; how to juggle everything, how to better manage my time and prioritize. Last week the law of attraction seemed to be working. OK, I will put out there what I need and want.

I want a free cleaning lady and bookkeeper.

Those are the two areas that drain me and I don't like doing those tasks. My house is a mess, the dust bunnies are invading and I'm late paying my bills. My accounting software isn't working at the moment. My banks info won't download, leaving me unsure of my exact balance and way behind in accounting. The solution involves a long phone call with customer service with my bank or Quick Books. I don't want to hang on the phone with some Indian guy, getting frustrated because we don't understand each other, saying "pardon me" 800 times until I pull my hair out. I just want the info to download!

Funny, I can't balance my accounts and I'm not in balance. Maybe I need to have a long phone call with the guy upstairs. Pardon me. Pardon me. Anyone there? I need a cleaning lady and a bookkeeper that can tolerate an Indian accent. Please download the necessary info that I need!!!!

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Comment by Jackie Verrilli on September 23, 2010 at 10:47pm
Take a deep breath (or maybe twenty) and maybe take one day "off" to just organize and rationalize your thoughts and to dos. Can't help you on a free cleaning lady, but I have a good one who still needs a gig for every other Saturday.

As for me, I am hereby pledging to follow a similar path. In 365 days I will finish my book, create my pilot, and get my computer program somehow shaped up to make it usable/testable. I'll post here once in a while to let you know how it's going. Best regards to you and this project!!! Be well.

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