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Day Zero. I can't believe how much has been happening. As soon as I put out to the Universe what I wanted and committed to it, rockets started launching.

It was nearing the end of August and I still didn't know what I would be doing to earn a living once the kids went back to school. No job. No money. I had so many ideas and have so many talents but I couldn't decide how to best direct them and fast, to get out of a desperate situation. So, I decided to challenge myself. I'd give myself 100 days to make something happen. I know it takes 21 days to change a habit but would that be enough to change my life? In AA newly sober members have to go to 90 meetings in 90 days in order to stay sober and change their lives and then continue to "work the program" forever. With this as my inspiration, I thought I'd create a similar model for myself but increasing it by ten days, totaling 100, in order to end on New Years Eve to celebrate ringing in my new life!

I decided on a time limit because without a deadline, I could take forever on this process or spend 12 years, like I spent 12 years restoring my house and myself. During this time period I plan to research behavior change and goal setting and discover what makes a new habit really stick and what tools are necessary to achieve a goal. I am ready to take action and do what I need to do! The long and windy road of self-exploration and discovery is over and now I have to get busy. I feel restored and balanced and have discovered what my dreams are. Now I have to just do it!

I used some of my own coaching excercises' and became clearer about what I had to focus on. I know what I love, what I care about and what I am good at but I realized that I was just too scared of my big hairy dream to go for it. Fear and more recently, lack of money, was stoppig me.

Am I crazy?
What if I fail?
What if I look stupid?
What about the money?
Shouldn't I be more responsible?
Should I just get a regular job like everyone else?
What if I actually succeed and my life gets out of control again?

Then an opening question that I use in my coaching and in the Restoration of Spirit book popped into my head, "What if I only had 6 months to live? Or 3? Or 100 days?". I knew immediately I had to finish my book and strap on some balls, overcome my fear and just try this TV show thing I'd been secretly harboring for 20+ years! If I die, who cares if I look stupid or am broke! My life insurance will kick in for my family and you can all read my book and laugh at the videos! I guess I'd rather die trying, than never try. Never trying is guaranteed failure, trying has a chance at success. I'm not dying though which means if I live and look like a moron, I'm sort of up a creek without a paddle, but we won't get into that now.

Day Zero is the day before Day One. It is symbolic of the process we go through before we set out on the journey. We plan, daydream, organize, make reservations, find traveling companions and pack. Maybe we try different things like take classes, attend workshops, join groups, get coaching and read books. This time is a creative process of discovering our dreams, what we want and what goals we want to set. Sometimes just this exercise is all we need to do to make a necessary shift. It forces us to think outside the box, come up with new ideas and visions for ourselves. Just participating in this exercise is an accomplishment in itself.

Once we have some of these answers, we can call the taxi, go to the airport, board the plane or get into the car or on our bike or simply put on our shoes and go! On Day One we get out and set foot on new territory and our next journey begins. On Day One we put on the Ruby slippers and leave our old life behind. We see new sights, make new friends and have all sorts of wonderful adventures along the way!

Go for it!

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